Burren Wins Foodie Towns 2015 Featured

TheRestaurants Association of Ireland are delighted to announce that thewinner of FoodieTowns 2015 isThe Burren.

After a rigorousfew weeksof applications, townvisitsand near to 9,000online
v o t es, Th e Bu r r en h av e b ea t en t h e co m p e t i t i o n an d p r o ved t h em sel v es t o b e an exce l l e n t l ead er as a foodie destination. From bustling farmers markets to innovative strategies for growth and development, they set the benchmark for food tourism in Ireland.

"It wasso encouragingto see thehigh standard of applicationsfor thisyear'sFoodie Towns competition – to reach the Top 10 alone was a real achievement for each of these destinations, given

the competitive calibre. But what made The Burren stand out as exemplary was the
c o m p r e h e n si v e n e s s o f t h e i r f o o d o f f e r i n g f r o m f i e l d – o r i n t h e i r c a s e , f e r t i l e r o c k – t h r o u g h t o f o r k . Food-loving tourists to The Burren are in for an intriguing treat." – Aoife Carrigy, Chairperson, IFWG

The winner was announced at a private event in Fallon & Byrne, Dublin, where representatives from each final destination attended to hear theresult. President of theRAI Anthony Gray presented the award to an elated bunch of Burren representatives. Thewinnerswere presented with aNewbridge Silver framed platter and had thisto say:

“We’re not normally stuck for words. Thank you very much to the Restaurants Association for this wonderful competition which makes us tell our food story. Thank you to the judges, Dee and Aoife, and to all involved. We have five of ushere today but we represent a huge bunch of us in The Burren. TheBurreninitsentiretyhasnever tolditsfoodstory,butthathasreallycometofruition thisyear.A big thankyoufrom all of us” – TinaO’Dwyer, Burren FoodTrail

The runner up announced was Derry, who also performed very well in the competition and have proved themselves to be one of the top foodie destinations in Ireland. They were very narrowly b ea t en an d gai n ed t h e b i gges t am o un t o f p u bl i c v o t es. Der r y i s cer t ai n l y a b i g co n t en der f o r n ex t year’scompetition– onesto watch for sure.

'AssomeonewhospendsalotoftimetravellinginIreland,I'vebeenthrilled towitnessthegrowth and development of the country's food scene. There is real momentum now, and judging the Top 10 hasmademewant tore-visit thesedestinationsASAP! TheBurrenhasdonesomethingthat,10years ago,few wouldhavethoughtpossible.Ithasturnedwhatwasonce thoughtofasadesolateNational Park intoa thrivingfoodiedestination. Any town, communityor region interested in developing their f o o d p r o d uc t sh ou l d t ak e a f i e l d t r i p as so on as t h ey can . Th e Bu r r en r eal l y i s n o w b es t p r ac t i ce. ' – Pól Ó Conghaile, Travel Editor of The Independent and independent.ie

“Itwasincredibletoseethehighcalibreofapplicationsfor thisyear’sFoodieTowns.Asfoodtourism growsin popularity - it is great to seeso manyplaces puttinglocal food at theforefront of thevisitor experience. The Burren’sstrongcollaborative foodnetwork and ethosof joined up thinkingensures thatitsuniquefoodstoryisdelivered toeveryvisitorontheground.IwouldliketocongratulateThe Burren aswinnersof thisyear’sFoodie Town award which issure to further boost their profile asan outstandingfooddestination” - SineadHennessy,FoodTourism,FáilteIreland

Along with the winner The Burren and the Runner Up Derry, the remaining eight finalists, who also deserve to be commended for reaching the top 10 include:

Boyne Valley Dungarvan
LoopHead Peninsula Sligo

West Cork