Refill Ireland is an environmental project to make Irish towns and cities tap water refill friendly for everyone while on the go.

We locate and create places where filling your reusable water bottle for FREE from an ever increasing number of refill stations becomes an easy to do every day habit. This helps hydration, saves money and ultimately protects our environment from excessive plastic bottle waste.

Our aim is to substantially reduce the amount of, and dependence on, consuming our drinking water in single use plastic bottles which alongside their hard plastic tops more then often end up littering our streets, waterways, beaches, coastlines and seas.

Microplastic ingestion can occur by both humans and marine life sometimes with known physical consequence, sometimes with yet to be know consequences due to bioaccumulation over the long term.

Ireland has some of the highest quality tap drinking water in the world which we pay for through water charges in our general taxation from 2017. We have some of the least quantities of publically available drinking water taps in our streets and parks of any country in Europe making us with no choice but to be wholly dependant on the frequent buying of water from a single use non biodegrable plastic bottle.