Burrenbeo Trust

Stonecutters Kitchen are proud supporters of local conservation, heritage and landscape charity, Burrenbeo Trust whose goal is to work towards the future sustainable management of the region.

Click here to visit The Burren Beo Trust website.

The Trust has been in existence just over five years now. It was borne out of the work of Burrenbeo Teo. which was founded by Ann O'Connor and Dr.Brendan Dunford as an information and education provider for the Burren. The Trust continues to build on their work of developing and delivering the successful Ecobeo Education Programme, the creation of information and educational resources including an award winning website. Going forward the aim of the Trust is continue this work to the same high standard, build more programmes into it all working towards the future sustainable management of this unique landscape. Today, the Trust has many programmes in education, conservation, information provision, research and advocacy to ensuring the involvement of Burren enthusiasts both locally and globally.

Burrenbeo's board of directors is supported by some very inspiring and well known supporters. Patrons include people like Tom Arnold, David Bellamy, Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Ann Madden Le Brocquy, Michael Viney and Bishop William Walsh.

Burrenbeo continues to be strongly supported by a range of people including inputs from Brigid Barry, Áine Bird, Kate Lavender, Stephen Ward, Richard Morrison, Martin Hawkes, Mary Howard, Risteard Crimmins, Brendan Dunford, and Ann O'Connor.